Fly Fishing at Carbeth

Pond Life

The fly pond was opened in 2003 and since then has naturalised very well. It has a soft bottom which has some big features. Submerged islands and troughs provide a perfect habitat for a range of natural food sources including mayfly and damsel nymph and buzzer larvae as well as the ubiquitous minnow and tadpole.

Pond Landscape

The pond averages 12ft in depth and goes to 18ft at its deepest point and as always the secret to success in any water is finding the fish and the depth at which the fish are feeding. The pond is roughly three acres in size and is edged by gravel paths for bank fishing only.

Disabled Access

The fly pond is edged with a gravel path, see photo above which allows wheel chair users access to the pond. Around the pond are seats and a covered shelter. The shop, cafe and toilets also have wheelchair access.

Troutmasters Venue

The water is also a Troutmasters venue, which means that there are three badges awarded every month by Trout Fisherman magazine for those anglers skilful or lucky enough to catch the three biggest fish. These badge winners then take part in a fish-off to go and represent us in the national competition.

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