Bait Fishing at Carbeth

Bait Fishing

Pond 1 was developed in way back in 1997 when we first opened. At around two acres in size it provides excellent bait fishing for anglers and family groups. It is fed by a burn via a wildlife pond – foreground in picture.

Pond 1 averages 15ft in depth, it varies through a series of ledges. It also has a small island and a couple of bridges. There’s bank fishing only.

Disabled Access

There’s great disabled access on this pond with a concrete strip along the side closest to the shop.

A gravel path runs around the pond and there are chairs, fixed benches and two covered shelters, plus the shop/ cafe to relax in. Toilets also allow for wheelchair access.

We have restrictions on bait and tackle. Information is provided in the regulations.

If tuition is required please let us know before hand so we can arrange this.

Troutmasters Venue

The water is also a Troutmasters venue, which means that there are three badges awarded every month by Trout magazine for those anglers skilful or lucky enough to catch the three biggest fish. These badge winners then take part in a fish-off to go and represent us in the national competition.

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