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Rules & Regulations

Whilst every effort is made to accommodate your wishes we ask you to abide by our Rules & Regulations so all can enjoy their time here. Fires are allowed but ONLY pits provided.Portable BBQ’s are allowed however you MUST tidy up after your self and DO NOT put warm BBQ’s in the provided bins.Please do not put live bait in bins we have a designated bin for this.

Safety of the fish

Once hooked please enjoy the fight and dispatch the fish in a timely manner to reduce the stress of the fish. On a catch and release ticket fish should not be taken out the water or over played, they should be returned as quickly as possible. Please do not take the fish out of the water for a photograph, if you wish to photograph your catch please keep the fish in a net in the water this protects the fish from any harm.

Litter & Discarded Tackle

Please be mindful of the environment. Discarded line, litter and hooks can cause injury to humans and to wildlife. Anyone found littering will be asked to leave the fishery.

Fishing Times

Please adhere to the time limit for your ticket. Overruns will be charged at the standard rate of half a day.

Fish Limit

This limit is per rod. All caught fish count and no fish may be returned to the pond unless you have a ‘Catch & Release’ ticket.Once your limit is reached then you need to take your rod out of the water or purchase an additional ticket for more time. Any fish caught over your limit will be charged on a per lb basis.

Rules and Regulations

Please follow our rules and regulations anyone breaking these will be asked to leave the premises. Please return all specimen fish on the fly pond (8lb or over)
No Ground baiting (we have no coarse fishing facilities)
No Sweetcorn
No Cooked food
No Spinning lures
No Treble hooks
No Barbed hooks (on catch and release ticket)
No dogs
No drugs/alcohol
No keep nets
No rods to be left unattended

No dammage to property or wildlife

Please return all hired equipment to a member of staff

Please respect all rules above and most importantly have a fantastic day.

Please Note: Any fish taken over your limit will be subject to a charge of £6 per lb of the fish.

A full list of rules and regulations is available at the fishery and can be provided on request.

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